Part-time CFO

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Job Description

Here at Spellbrush, we’re passionate about making a good anime game.

We also happen to be the world’s leading generative AI studio — we’re the team behind niji・journey.

We are currently investigating how AI can be used to help human artists perform masterpieces in the most complex medium of our times: videogames.

Our games are characterized by a no-compromise approach to well-balanced gameplay married to a truthful love of visual arts.

If you love turn-based tactics games, please consider applying!

The Role:

Spellbrush, the world’s leading generative AI studio behind niji・journey, is looking for a Part-Time CFO to ensure we are stewarding and organizing our finances with finesse as we scale and build upon our successes. Although we are a small, focused start-up, we are in the unique position of having multiple offices (in Tokyo and San Francisco) and generating significant revenue, meaning our needs may differ from a typical early to mid-stage start-up.

What you’ll do:

  • Handle everything relating to cash flow, financial planning, and taxation issues
  • Serve as a strategist and consultant, ensuring compliance and proper foresight / forecasting as we expand our business in the emergent technology and mobile game industries
  • Ensure smooth financial operations for both the US and Japanese businesses
  • Advise on financial agreements with various vendors and partners
  • Implement consistent accounting policies, practices, and procedures across all programs, adhering to national and local legal standards (relevant experience and a willingness to manage our process for filing international taxes is a plus!)
  • Develop and enforce internal controls to maximize protection of company assets, policies, procedures, and workflows
  • Flex into whatever finance need our start-up is dealing with!

You might be a great fit if:

  • You’re an expert at wrangling and refining start-up finances. We’re looking for someone with ideally 7+ years of financial strategy and accounting. Currently, we’re focused more on our business strategy, tax preparations and accounting than on raises, so please keep that in mind as you apply!
  • You’re excellent at keeping companies compliant while dealing with various unique industry factors. As an AI Image Generation and Anime Games Studio company, we work in industries with various factors such as R&D Credits, international business laws (gacha laws, offices in Japan and US), and more. Flexibility and foresight is a must in this role.
  • You’re willing to flex to where you need to. You will definitely have support as we go from 0 to 1 in building our in-house finance team. However, there will be times you need to roll up your sleeves!
  • You’re collaborative and eager to learn. As a start-up working in new spaces, we would value a seasoned finance professional’s measured and expert voice as we make critical business decisions that will not only affect our finances, but the broader AI industry and world at large.
  • Emergent technologies, AI, and/or anime resonates with you. While not absolutely necessary, it’s always a plus to have team members join who are excited about our product, vision, and impact on the world of Generative AI and anime!

This position may be pursued as a contract, part-time, or full-time role. We do NOT accept agency offers or outreach and all agencies will be ignored. If offered as a full-time role, the final base salary is dependent upon location, experience, fit, and other factors. In addition, we offer a generous compensation package that includes equity, top-tier employer-sponsored health, dental, and vision insurance, and additional perks!

To apply – please share your previous work experience/resume and the name of the best waifu or husbando in your message!