Investment Diligence and Operations Lead

November 20, 2023
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Job Description

Curie.Bio is a founder-focused seed-stage venture firm combined with an industry-grade therapeutics accelerator focused on one thing: helping entrepreneurial founders launch viable therapeutics companies. Curie.Bio does this by giving founders access to a team of the world’s best drug hunters and drug makers, seed capital, and best-of-breed services – everything a founder needs to get from concept to a compelling dataset that enables an awesome Series A financing. In a nutshell, we want founders in control of their own company and focused on their area of expertise and creativity, while we help make the rest happen smoothly.

Curie.Bio was designed by founders for founders. Our founding team of Zach Weinberg, Christoph Lengauer and Alexis Borisy, has collectively helped start numerous therapeutics companies and been intimately involved with the Series A financing of many more. We have witnessed first hand the difficulty of going from a seed stage concept to generating the data package necessary for a successful Series A raise; targets need to be properly selected, experiment plans designed, vendors selected and contracted, experiments need to be run, people need to be hired – all with a few million dollars. These perennial challenges are what led to the creation of Curie.Bio. If we want to dramatically increase the number of viable drug companies created every year – we’re going to have to reduce the complexity of getting to a compelling POC data package required for a Series A. Reducing this complexity requires us to provide real support to these new companies – support that is both strategic (think target selection, unique access to strategic partnerships, early introductions to top Series A investors) and operational (experiment execution, vendor management, back office support).

As an early employee joining us on this mission, you will see first hand what it takes to successfully bring a company from concept at the seed stage to compelling wet-lab derived POC data with an industry-grade progressible drug (candidate) that enables a Series A financing. You will work alongside the world’s best drug hunters and industry veterans whose experience spans all facets of drug discovery and preclinical drug development – from disease biology to medicinal chemistry, to recruiting, to business development, and more.

In order for Curie.Bio to achieve its mission, we need the best people. Companies are nothing more than a group of people working together on a shared objective. Great companies are when those individuals come together to form something larger than the sum of its parts.

The Role:

We are looking for an investment-minded scientist to help scale and evolve our diligence process. As a critical member of our investment team, you will be responsible for evaluating a high volume of inbound therapeutic concepts while working alongside our CSO Partners, our most senior scientific leaders. You will act as the first point of contact between Curie and founders where you will need to simultaneously ensure we run a highly efficient diligence process while also ensuring founders have an awesome experience with Curie. Our ideal candidate is someone who traverses a wide breadth of therapeutic areas, technical approaches, and founder archetypes. You need to be a quick learner, have a passion for therapeutics and most of all – a deep sense of responsibility and excitement to be the first in line in evaluating thousands of novel therapeutic concepts every year.


  • Scientific Diligence, Analysis, and Synthesis: evaluate companies across a wide breadth of therapeutic areas and drug embodiment approaches, helping select the most promising companies to move forward with
  • Founder Interaction: be the first point of contact with Founders to ensure we have the required source material to perform diligence and that founders have an AWESOME first experience with Curie
  • Manage New Investment Opportunities: aggregate the most important company source material across thousands of exciting inbound companies per year
  • Scale the Investment Engine: identify and improve processes for data capture, archiving, and knowledge transfer to scale our investment process

Enhance Our Toolkit: evolve our infrastructure, databases, and knowledge to catalyze therapeutic development

Our Ideal Candidate has…

  • At least 10+ years work experience, intimately familiar with early stage drug discovery
  • A PhD in biology, biochemistry, or related discipline with experience
  • A ‘nose for value’ when it comes to determining what makes an exciting seed investment in therapeutics
  • The gravitas and magnetism to be a brand ambassador for Curie with founders
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • The ability to come up the curve quickly on new and/or different therapeutic areas without prior experience or familiarity with them
  • A track record of building relationships from scratch and cultivating them into long-term relationships
  • Strong organizational skills and detail orientation
  • Passion about using modern technology (software/data) to systematize our investment process